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Mike Glennon could be back with the Bucs, if no one likes him

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want Mike Glennon back, as they do with most other Bucs who are set to be free agents. It’s becoming increasingly likely that that will actually happen, even though Glennon obviously wants to find a place where he has a realistic chance to start.

ESPN thinks Glennon’s most likely to land in Chicago, mostly because the Bears have a former Bucs assistant on staff in Ben McDaniels. Which ehm....okay. More intriguing is the assessment of their anonymous insider, who apparently thinks Glennon is thoroughly meh.

“There is nothing special about Glennon, nothing that makes you think he can do more than he has already done. He cannot run. Everything in the league is going away from guys like that. He will probably be somebody's No. 2 or maybe compete for a job, but it's tough to see anyone diving in hard for him.”

Eh....yeah. That’s not an encouraging view of Mike Glennon, but we’ve seen conflicting reports — including, infamously, one that suggested someone could pay as much as $15 million per year. Of course, that’s worded vaguely enough that technically, a $3 million per year contract would fit the criteria as well.

Of course, it only takes one team to fall in love with Mike Glennon and pay him a lot of money. But it’s increasingly hard to see that happen: his tape is that of a low-end starter/high-end backup, his statistics are similar as well, and if anyone really loved him they would have given up significant draft capital for him last year or the year before. No one did.

So there’s a good chance Mike Glennon actually stays in Tampa, or goes to a place like Houston where the pure mediocrity of competition will give him a decent chance to start and continue to play his bland brand of football.

But if there’s no good offer and no clear path to a starting job for him on the market, the Bucs are willing to pony up some cash to keep their much-beloved backup as a backup to Jameis Winston. Otherwise they’d have to go out and draft or sign one, or hope that Ryan Griffin is finally ready to take over after two years as the third quarterback.