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Daily Bucs Links: Players to re-sign

Here's your open thread for today.

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It takes almost 10 minutes to watch all of Randy Moss’ 40-plus-yard NFL touchdowns -
And let’s watch him do this stuff to even more overwhelmed college defenders, too.

Terrell Owens should be in the Hall of Fame no matter how many teams he played for -
The argument that teams didn’t want to stick with Owens is flawed.

How does the NFL franchise tag work and how much do players get paid? -
The franchise tag is a relatively simple process, but the ramifications can be big for both teams and players.

Tom Brady says trip to the White House ‘never was a political thing’ for him -
Despite passing on the trip two years ago while Barack Obama was in office, Tom Brady says Patriots players will be missing out if they don’t visit the White House.

Seahawks won't lose NFL draft pick for not reporting Richard Sherman's injury -
The Seahawks lucked out, and only received a warning from the NFL.

Which NFL players are getting the franchise tag in 2017? -
NFL teams are only allowed one franchise tag each year, and players like Le’Veon Bell are about to get a hefty paycheck.

Casserly Mocks Pass-Rusher to Buccaneers's Charley Casserly believes the Buccaneers will select a defensive end with their first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Bucs Make Adjustments to Football Staff
Former Tampa Bay tight end Alex Smith has joined the team's scouting department while the coaching staff has some new additions and some shifting responsibilities.

Bucs Mock Draft Roundup 2.0: Howard Tops List, But Opinions Vary | Pewter Report offers up a list of many of the national and local mock drafts in one spot for our readers to view and discuss.

Cover 3: Is Martin Made For Long-Term Love? Bucs Examine Mack vs. Kamara | Pewter Report
This week's Valentine's Day Cover 3 correlates a failed date to the Bucs RB situation, and includes a side-by-side breakdown of Marlon Mack vs. Alvin Kamara

Tampa Bay Buccaneers should prioritize re-signing William Gholston
With the Buccaneers scheduled to have 17 unrestricted free agents, we take a look at which players the team needs to bring back the most.

Bucs reunion: Donnie Abraham joining Lovie Smith at Illinois | Tampa Bay Times
Former Bucs coach Lovie Smith has tabbed another familiar name for his coaching staff at Illinois, with former Bucs cornerback Donnie Abraham expected to join his staff as an assistant.