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Watch this clip on Michael Jackson’s legendary Super Bowl halftime show

Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

The Super Bowl Halftime show is always a spectacular event, for a ehm...variety....of reasons. All of that really started with Michael Jackson in 1993, when the King of Pop brought a spectacular show and set some demanding standards for everyone who followed him.

So the NFL’s official Twitter account posted a five-minute clip on that show, and the way it was produced. It’s worth watching.

Since then, the Super Bowl Halftime show has only grown in spectacle and standing. Every year performers try to outdo each other, sometimes by putting up gigantic shows with massive costumes and animatronics, other times by having dancers in shark costumes flail around humorously.

This year, Lady Gaga will have the honor of trying to produce a historic halftime show. Gaga said she’s inspired in particular by Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, so that bodes well. There have been times when the halftime show was more interesting than the actual game, so we at least have one thing to look forward — for those of us who don’t want either the Patriots or the Falcons to win.