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Should and will the Buccaneers fire Dirk Koetter?

This could probably go either way.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 4-8 and just lost to a mediocre Green Bay Packers team, so the obvious question is whether head coach Dirk Koetter deserves to be fired. I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter, honestly, and the question to me is mostly wether the Glazers will decide to part ways with their head coach, rather than whether they should.

ESPN’s Jenna Laine seems to agree.

The verdict is still out on Dirk Koetter, but it's not looking good, as the losses continue to mount. The Bucs went 9-7 under Koetter last year -- their first winning season since 2010. But they're now 4-8 and the offense -- his system -- just can't score enough points. Buccaneers ownership is notoriously impatient, so even after two years, it won't hesitate to fire a head coach, after what happened with Greg Schiano and Lovie Smith

To me, this mostly depends on what Koetter can accomplish over the team’s final four games, all of which come against winning teams. Two wins will probably secure his job for the next season. Four losses might lose him that job, especially if they’re particularly embarrassing.

Whether that solves anything is another question entirely. The Bucs have fired a lot of coaches over the past decade, which has made very little difference to results. Koetter hasn’t been a bad coach, exactly, but he hasn’t been great, either. But who would replace him? And is there any reason to believe that the Glazers have a good handle on picking a new coach? Is there any reason to believe that even the best coach they could get would fundamentally change the Bucs’ fortunes? I doubt it.