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2018 NFL Draft: Buccaneers set to pick fourth overall

The Bucs are terrible, so this is what we’re talking about now.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are awful. At 2-6, their season is basically over and we’re forced to start talking about job security and the dreaded 2018 NFL draft. Always the draft, in November. So tiring.

Anyway, the Bucs are currently set to pick fourth overall in the 2018 NFL draft. Fourth overall. Only three teams are worse right now. A little depressing.

That means the Bucs will at least be able to add some premium talent to their team, especially given the fact that the teams picking in front of them are likely to be quarterback-starved, leaving the best non-quarterback players for the Bucs.

Thankfully, this draft should have some quality pass-rushers at the top, which fits the Bucs’ needs pretty well. Someone like LSU’s Arden Key or NC State’s Bradley Chubb would certainly be a nice addition, and might finally be able to fix the Bucs’ pass-rush problems. Maybe.

Of course, the team will also want to find a running back, a cornerback and perhaps some offensive line help, depending on how they view Donovan Smith—reviews are mixed, to say the least. No prospects immediately stand out there, though.

A few other questions still need to be answered before we get to this stuff, though. Most importantly: will the coaching staff and front office still look the same?