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Watch: Mike Evans was lucky not to get thrown out of this game

The Bucs receiver blindsided Marshon Lattimore on the sidelines.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans should have been ejected from the game against the New Orleans Saints for his blindside, after-the-play hit on Marshon Lattimore. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver was reacting to Lattimore lightly shoving Jameis Winston, who came off the sideline to argue with Lattimore and shoved him in the helmet.

That’s all pretty mild if completely unnecessary, and Evans coming in to defend his quarterback would at least be a little defensible. But the way he did it went much too far, and made an embarrassing day even worse for the Bucs.

Evans was penalized, but allowed to stay in the game, somehow. I’ve seen some say that at least he was showing some fight, which the team has lacked on the field today, but this is doing absolutely nothing for the team’s odds of winning the game. There’s no reason to do this kind of thing, even it comes from a place of frustration with a terrible losing streak, and some terrible on-field play.