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Jameis Winston on track to play against Saints

The Bucs quarterback has been throwing the ball in practice.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Jameis Winston might have to miss Sunday’s game, if he couldn’t throw the ball in practice. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hadn’t made a definitive decision at that point, but it sure sounded ominous.

So far, they won’t have to. Jameis Winston has thrown the ball in practice the past two days, and has looked fine doing so. Just look at the video Greg Auman shot.

With Winston on the field and throwing the ball, the Bucs should have their most important player available for Sunday’s game. Whether that’ll be enough for a win against a suddenly very good New Orleans Saints team is another thing entirely, though.

The Saints have finally turned their defense around, while Drew Brees is still playing at a very high level. They’re actually a complete team, miraculously—for now. We’ll see whether that lasts. With a bit of luck it wears off by, I don’t know, Sunday.