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Jets vs. Buccaneers final score: Tampa Bay finally ends its losing streak

The Bucs beat the Jets in a slow game dominated by defensive play.

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have finally broken their losing streak, beating the New York Jets 15-10 in a grinding win at home.

Ryan Fitzpatrick did just enough to give the Bucs offense a win, while the defense completely shut down Josh McCown and company. Lavonte David had a really good game, while the pass rush actually managed to produce six sacks, in part because Mike Smith finally decided to blitz a little more. The Bucs took away the ball twice, with a Brent Grimes interception and Kwon Alexander forcing a fumble. Overall, a good game for a beleaguered defense.

With Jameis Winston and Mike Evans (suspended) out, the Bucs offense didn’t exactly sparkle, though Charles Sims, DeSean Jackson and . The Bucs didn’t need excitement to produce a win, though: they just needed a defense to shut down Josh McCown, which they did.

The first half was a slog: neither team managed to produce any kind of consistent offense, the only exciting plays that happened were back-to-back interceptions that changed nothing about the game, and at the end of the half the game was tied at 3-3. They might as well not have played those first 30 minutes.

The second half was kind of a different story, with at least a smidge more scoring. A field goal gave the Bucs a 6-3 lead, and a handful of punts later Kwon Alexander punched out the ball and Lavonte David recovered. That should have been a touchdown, but the refs whistled the play dead. It took a challenge to give the Bucs the ball, and the offense couldn’t do more than turn this into a field goal and a 9-3 lead.

The Bucs put the game out of reach with a late fourth-quarter touchdown drive. Charles Sims turned what would have been a simple clock-eating drive into the only touchdown of the game. The defense sealed a win on the next drive, stopping the Jets on fourth down just outside the red zone—though Grimes did give up a touchdown a drive later, when the game was already out of reach, making the game look closer than it was.

This win doesn’t do much for the Bucs’ playoff chances, which are non-existent at this point in the season, but it does give Dirk Koetter some relief. Five straight losses will put any coach’s job in jeopardy, after all. A 3-6 record isn’t exactly good, though, and the Bucs will have to start winning more games for Koetter to return next season.