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Jets vs. Bucs: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown face their former teams

It’s a weird game in Tampa, today.

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets is a weird one. Much has been said about Ryan Fitzpatrick facing off against the team that unceremoniously (after a long period of uncertainty) dumped him this offseason, but we haven’t seen much on Josh McCown returning to face his old team.

Back in 2014, McCown was the starting quarterback for the Bucs. It was a disaster: he played 11 games and won just one of them. Mike Glennon only came off the bench when McCown was injured, and the Bucs won just two games all season in Lovie Smith’s first season. The only upside of that year was the first overall pick, and the fact that the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston with it.

Of course, now Winston is injured, the Bucs have a 2-6 record, and they’re starting Ryan Fitzpatrick—arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL last season, after a pretty decent 2015 season. Meanwhile, McCown isn’t doing great, but he’s at least managed to win four games this season and the Jets aren’t completely out of the playoff race, somehow. That’s more than he ever did in Tampa.

Whoever wins today, we know that one quarterback will get to beat his former team (barring a tie). I guess that’s one reason to watch this game.