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Did the Buccaneers finally conquer their kicking curse?

The Bucs have changed kickers eight times since 2012.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are cursed when it comes to field goals. They just signed kicker Patrick Murray to replace Nick Folk, who was himself replacing Roberto Aguayo, who was drafted last year because the Bucs couldn’t get that position stabilized. Yeah. Oops.

I don’t know what it is about the Bucs that they can’t just get a decent kicker. Few other teams have as many issues getting kickers. It’s mind-boggling. Which is also what the folks over at SB Nation studios thought, as they put together a video charting the Bucs’ eight kicker changes since 2012.

It’s an amazing streak, and it doesn’t even include 2008-09, when the Bucs got rid of perfectly good Matt Bryant (going strong with the Atlanta Falcons since 2009 now) to start Mike Nugent. They cut Nugent after four games, and replaced him with Shane Andrus--who then got cut after a further three games in favor of Connor Barth. Oh, and that season featured a punter change too. Amazing.

Are the Bucs finally done with his curse? I sure hope so. Patrick Murray was pretty decent when he kicked here last, and it just seems impossible for Murray to not be the answer. Right?