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The Bucs aren’t good enough to be the best in the division

If Winston starts hitting those deep balls, though.

New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not the best team in the NFC South team. Nor are they worst. But then who is?

The best team in the NFC South

Eh.....ugh. I guess I have to say the Atlanta Falcons here, but I hate it. Maybe the Carolina Panthers are slightly better, if the last results are an indicator. Who knows. Who cares. They’re both ugh.

The reality is that the Buccaneers aren’t the best team in the division, and they’re not even close right now. They’ve struggled to get to 2-2 against a fairly weak schedule and while they haven’t been bad, they’ve been disappointing—and nowhere near the best team in the division.

That could change quickly, though. Either through injuries, or through steady improvement on the Bucs’ end. If Jameis Winston starts hitting those deep balls to DeSean Jackson you’re suddenly talking about a very different-looking team.

The worst team in the NFC South

No matter what changes, though, the Bucs are unlikely to be the worst team in the division. That’s what they have the New Orleans Saints for, who somehow managed to yet again spend a bunch of capital on a superfluous offensive weapon (Adrian Peterson in this case) and keep their defense gobsmackingly awful.

It’s just plain impressive. How do you keep producing a terrible defense like that, year in, year out, while constantly investing in it. It’s almost miraculous.

The Bucs aren’t going to reach those depths, thankfully. But they need to get a lot better to be more than the division #3.