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VIDEO: O.J. Howard’s third NFL catch was a 58-yard touchdown

O.J. Howard was wide open.

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

O.J. Howard had a slow start to his rookie season, catching just two passes for 28 yards in his first two games. That’s not the kind of impact the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted from their tight end, but no worries: game three showed what he can do, as his third NFL catch was a 58-yard touchdown.

Wiiiiide open.

The bootleg is a classic play that usually gives a quarterback multiple options on a vertical plain. Teams run it all the time and usually in the same way—and then sometimes, they add this version to exploit teams that get too sloppy in their coverage. Like the Giants.

The Bucs are rolling over the New York Giants right now, who can’t make a dent in the Bucs defense. Meanwhile, the Bucs offense is finally producing those explosive plays they were missing the first two games. It’s a good day in Tampa so far.