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Buccaneers free agency: Jason Licht wants to bring everyone back

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot of players they need to re-sign this offseason, or at least could re-sign, and not a lot of time left to do it. We talked about the players they could and should re-sign earlier this month, but Jason Licht has made things a little easier: he told Pewter Report that he wants to re-sign basically everyone, as long as it makes sense.

On Will Gholston:

“He’s definitely a priority. We’ve had dialogue here [in Mobile].”

On Akeem Spence:

“We would like to have Spence back if it makes sense,”

On Jacquizz Rodgers:

“Yeah he’s one of a few priorities. We would definitely like to have him back and we see that happening.”

On Joe Hawley:

“But he’s one that we have been talking with, and if it makes sense for both of us we’d love to have him back.”

On Russell Shepard:

“We would like to have Russell back and I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I’d like to have him back and I love his attitude, his leadership and he’s a juice guy.”

On Mike Glennon:

“We would like to keep him if we could, but the ball’s going to be in his court.”

Licht is also interested in re-signing special teamer/backup cornerback Josh Robinson, as well as safeties Bradley McDougald and Chris Conte, at the right price, though it sounds like he’s less enthusiastic on those two than the rest: Pewter Report notes they’re likely to let them test the market first.

Is there anyone he doesn’t want to re-sign? Pewter Report does note that the old guys are probably done in Tampa: linebacker Daryl Smith, right tackle Gosder Cherilus and wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Basically, Jason Licht wants to bring everyone back except the oldest veterans, and add a few players in the draft. That’s okay, but I’d like to see some new blood -- especially at safety.

Of course, wanting to bring people back and actually re-signing them are two very different things. The Bucs are interested in all these players, but other teams may be a little more interested. We’ll see which players they’ll actually bring back over the next couple of months.