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Buccaneers will add competition for Roberto Aguayo

NFL: JAN 01 Panthers at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t entirely happy with Roberto Aguayo’s performance as a rookie. Dirk Koetter said today in his season-ending press conference that the Bucs would bring in competition for the second-round kicker, noting that the team simply had too many missed field goals this year.

Aguayo, of course, was infamous for missing a slew of kicks early in the season. The former FSU player made just 22 of 31 kicks on the season, giving him the worst field goal percentage of any kicker who attempted more than two field goals this year. He also missed two extra points early in the year.

However, almost all of Aguayo’s misses came early in the year, and he’s missed just four out of a total of 38 kicks (including extra points) since week nine. Oddly enough, three of those misses came from beyond 43 yards, one of which was blocked. Aguayo has yet to hit a field goal longer than 43 yards in his NFL career, though that’s also because he only had five attempts beyond 43 yards.

In other words: indications are he’s no good at long field goals, but the sample size is too small for any definitive conclusions. While we can say the he’s gotten very good at shorter field goals, where he’s had just one miss since getting his act together.

Intriguingly, Aguayo is basically perfect on kickoffs, too. His average of 63.2 yards per kickoff ranks in the top 10 for players with at least 10 kickoff attempts, his touchback percentage of 65.8% ranks sixth, and he also demonstrated the ability to drop kickoffs right at the goal-line when the Bucs want to force a return.

That said, 22 out of 31 field goals on the season just isn’t good. No hit field goals beyond 43 yards is absurd, and Aguayuo’s struggles were obvious, especially early in the season. Getting some competition in the building may or may not affect him positively, but it will at minimum give the Bucs another option if Aguayo doesn’t pan out.