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Jon Gruden is never coaching again, part 458

Jon Gruden is never, ever, ever, ever coaching in the NFL or again. Or in college, that is. He just isn’t. I don’t know why teams keep trying to convince him every year, though I do know why it always leaks: because that sure makes it easier for his agent to get some extra cash out of ESPN.

This year, apparently, three teams tried to get the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach to come back to the NFL, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Including the Indianapolis Colts. You know, the team with Andrew Luck, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If you’re not going to come back to the NFL for Andrew freaking Luck, who are you going to come back for?

Amusingly, all of this was essentially said way back in 2012, by the always awesome Bomani Jones. I mean look at that video. It’s so on point it’s scary.

Meanwhile, it will now be nearly a decade since Gruden has coached in the NFL. Why does anyone want him to come back? Why does any team think he’ll be any good at NFL coaching after being gone for nine years? And after not winning a playoff game in his final six season at the helm?

Let the man earn his money in much more comfortable fashion at ESPN. He’s not coming back. Just like Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy.