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Deshaun Watson’s family got their first home through Warrick Dunn’s charity

This has been buzzing around the internet today, but it’s still a really cool story. Deshaun Watson won the College Football National Championship with the Clemson Tigers last night, by beating Alabama in a really exciting game.

That’s pretty cool, and Watson has understandably been flooded with attention. One of the things that came out: Watson grew up in a home that was, in part, provided by Warrick Dunn’s charity work. Dunn, of course, was a running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — which is why this is relevant for this site. Complicated, right?

In 2006, Dunn helped the Watson family find a home through Habitat for Humanity, and then fully furnished the home when it was completed, Dunn and the family told the Associated Press.

It’s a nice story, with Warrick Dunn’s decade-long work to help struggling families find homes one of the most impressive acts of charity I’ve seen out of any NFL player.