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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub is back!

According to an insider report (me going to Publix this morning), the Publix grocery store has brought back its signature Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub sandwich it introduced last season.

The sub was one of four regional signature subs that Publix announced with the other three being in Atlanta, Jacksonville and Miami for each respective NFL team. Each sub was crafted to somewhat capture the culture of both the team and the city, according to Publix.

The signature subs could only be ordered in the surrounding area of the city it each was created for -- meaning if you live in, Miami, you couldn't order the Tampa sub. Not sure if that rule still applies for this season, but I assume so.

publix sub

As shown above, if you order the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub, you'll get: Spicy Boar’s Head chipotle chicken, platanos maduros, and mango peach salsa on your choice of bread.

I had it last season when it first came out and it was good -- as long as you enjoy all of those ingredients -- but it didn't dethrone the undefeated chicken tender sub, in my opinion.

Have you tried this sub yet? If so, give us your best Guy Fieri impression and tell us how it was.