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The Yucks are back, and it’s a must-read

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Jason Vuic

Not many people have written books about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , for some reason. Apparently, it’s not a franchise that inspires writers to spend a year of their life investigating them. There’s always someone who can find the interesting story where others don’t see it, though.

In the case of the Bucs, that’s Jason Vuic, who decided to dig into the franchise’s first years to figure out how they came to be the symbol for losing. In The Yucks: Two Years in Tampa with the Losingest Team in NFL History (available here), Vuic tells some terrific stories, busts a few popular myths, and makes a period of Bucs history accessible to the vast group of Bucs and NFL fans who weren’t really around in 1976 and 1977.

The Bucs have been losing for nearly a decade now, but they still aren’t what they were early on: the symbol for sports losers. Basically, what the Cleveland Browns are now. It’s old history, but it’s also an integral part of what made this team into the Buccaneers we know now. That’s why they were known as The Yucks, the nickname that Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks set out to destroy. History, though, can’t be destroyed.

We’ll have a thorough review up at some point, but in the mean time: consider buying this book. It is by far the most entertaining book on the Bucs I’ve ever read, and it unlocks a part of Buccaneers lore that mostly feels like ancient history now. In the mean time, if you want to know more, Vuic talked to Fox Sports 1340 about the book.