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Vikings trade for Sam Bradford, giving up a first-round pick and more

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings just traded a 2017 first-round draft pick and a 2018 draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Sam Bradford, per Tom Pelissero. According to Ian Rapoport, the 2018 pick is a fourth-rounder.

It's amazing that teams keep on giving other teams things to get Sam Bradford on their roster. Bradford who continues to look like the same quarterback he's always been: a reasonably accurate pocket passer who struggles under pressure and hasn't shown he can do anything for NFL teams.

So basically, he's Mike Glennon. Except no one's trading for Glennon, a fact the Bucs have found rather painful in recent years.

The interesting thing will be what the Eagles do at quarterback, now. They could start Chase Daniels, given that they reportedly wanted to keep Carson Wentz on the bench for the entire season, but Wentz has looked promising this preseason and may actually be better as a starter.

Contrast that with the Rams, who have figured out that first overall pick Jared Goff isn't anywhere close to ready to start in this NFL. He's their number three quarterback. We'll see how long that holds, but that's pretty disastrous given that the starting QB is now either Case Keenum or Sean Mannion. Whoops.

As for Glennon, it seems like the NFL doesn't quite agree with the Bucs that he's worth, well, anywhere near whatever they're asking. Most reports have indicated Tampa Bay wants at least a second-round pick to give him up, even though he'll be a free agent next offseason. No one's giving them that for Glennon, so instead he'll spend the season on the bench -- I hope, because if he's playing instead of Jameis Winston, something will have gone wrong.