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Austin Seferian-Jenkins is now a New York Jet

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

The New York Jets have claimed Austin Seferian-Jenkins off waivers, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waived the former second-round pick on Saturday, according to Adam Schefter. Seferian-Jenkins had been arrested for a DUI on Friday night, and that was the final drop for the Bucs, for whom he’d been an inconsistent but talented player.

The Jets picking him up helps the Bucs in one way: it takes a little over $600,000 in salary off the Bucs’ plate. They’re still on the hook for over $1 million in cap hits from his rookie signing bonus, though.

In New York, Seferian-Jenkins will get to catch passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick, assuming he’s not busy throwing six interceptions in a game, instead. We’ll see whether he can turn his game around and turn into the star tight end he could be, or will be just another disappointing former Bucs draft pick.