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Buccaneers vs. Rams: Winners and losers for Tampa Bay

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost. Again. To the Los Angeles Rams. Again. Giving up 37 points, to a team that had scored all of nine points all season.

That means there are plenty of losers on the Bucs, but there were also quite a few winners. The Bucs did put up 32 points, after all, so the offense did a few things right.


Defensive coordinator Mike Smith

You were supposed to fix the defense. Instead, you gave up 40 points last week, and 30 points this week (one touchdown was a returned fumble). And those 30 points were scored by a team that had managed to score just nine points in its previous two games combined. Nine!


Oh sure, they racked up all those tackles again. Too bad Chris Conte Bradley McDougald and/or Alterraun Verner gave up a 44-yard touchdown on the opening drive, and Keith Tandy completely whiffed on Tavon Austin to give up the back-breaking touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Dirk Koetter

It was only one play, but not calling a timeout with 34 seconds left in the game was a pretty boneheaded move that may have cost the Bucs a win. Also, starting 1-2 isn’t exactly great. Also, waffling on about a culture change after a game doesn’t help. Culture isn’t why your players are screwing up over and over again.

K Roberto Aguayo

Two misses, one on a field goal and one an extra point. That’s four points the Bucs missed — and had they had them, they’d only needed a field goal to win on the final drive. The Bucs draft Aguayo because he was supposed to be super accurate. Turns out he’s about as accurate as every other kicker out there, and maybe even a little less so. Whoops.

At least his kickoffs are good.

WR Vincent Jackson

Three catches for 37 yards, at least one dropped pass, and just a general lack of production. Jackson continues a lackluster season with another lackluster performance.

The defensive line

For not getting any pressure on Case Keenum. With Robert Ayers and Jacquies Smith out, the Bucs just can’t muster an outside pass rush. Gerald McCoy still looks good, and made a few splash plays, but it’s too easy for offenses to shut down the Bucs’ pass rush.

Bucs fans

For having to watch this kind of performance for five straight seasons.


QB Jameis Winston

36/58 for 405 yards with three touchdowns and one interception, the one interception coming on a pass tipped by Charles Sims. Even though the Bucs couldn’t finish the final drive with a touchdown, Winston had a pretty decent overall day against a good defense, for someone who was asked to throw it a ridiculous 58 times.

WR Mike Evans

Mike Evans continues to be a boss. This time, he had 10 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown. Had he been targeted on the final drive, the game may have had a slightly different outcome, too.

WR Adam Humphries

Nine catches for an even 100 yards. This was the first 100-yard game for Humphries, who’s turning into the team’s number two receiver.

RB Charles Sims

Okay, yes, he did tip that ball into an interception. That was unfortunate, to say the least. But he was also an integral part of the Bucs offense, and produced 124 yards from scrimmage, and a touchdown. I’m not sure whether he can carry the load as an inside runner, but he’s certainly a very valuable part of the offense.

P Bryan Anger

He’s actually really good. Who knew?

LBs Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David

Pick sixes are fun. Tackles are also fun. Not missing tackles is, too. For the most part, these two played well after a disappointing week two showing.