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Buccaneers and Rams exchange firsts in first quarter

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense must have thought this’d be an easy out. The Rams had scored all of nine points in the previous two games, and looked anemic — a running game that was easy to stop, and a passing game that was going nowhere with Case Keenum at the helm.

Well, whoops. The Bucs gave up a 44-yard touchdown on the first drive of the game when Alterraun Verner and Chris Conte appeared to miscommunicate on who, precisely, was supposed to carry a deep post route. Conte sat short, Verner ran with Brian Quick but gave up the inside, and the result was a 44-yard touchdown. On third-and-seven.

The Bucs couldn’t fix that offense, but at least the defense got revenge the next time out: Kwon Alexander lurked and go a pick six off Case Keenum, who apparently didn’t see the Bucs linebacker right in front of whoever he was throwing at. Roberto Aguayo missed the extra point to keep the Rams in the lead, though.

That pick six was also the Bucs’ first takeaway of the year. That makes up for giving up the Rams’ first touchdown, I guess.

The Bucs trail 10-6, but they’re on the edge of the red zone as the first quarter ends.