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Austin Seferian-Jenkins arrested for DUI

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been arrested for a DUI, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end was stopped at 3:42 a.m. last night, and remained in jail as of 9:30 this morning.

The Tampa Bay Times cites the Florida Highway Patrol report, which notes Seferian-Jenkins was “weaving back and forth”, performed poorly on a field sobriety test and declined to provide a breath sample.

Making matters worse is the fact that Seferian-Jenkins was ordered by a court to have an Interlock Ignition Device installed, resulting from a 2013 DUI arrest in Washington. He now faces a misdemeanor charge of violating that court order.

If these charges hold, it’s likely the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will say goodbye to their 2014 second-round pick. This is the first off-field incident the tight end has gotten into, but the coaching staff and front office have been disappointed in Seferian-Jenkins’ progress.

At one point, he was kicked out of practice this offseason, and he lost his starting position to backup Cameron Brate. Seferian-Jenkins hasn’t gotten on the field much this season and has three catches for 44 yards and a touchdown. While his talent is tantalizing, and the Bucs have no tight end who is as talented and explosive as he is, he has never produced to the level he is capable of.

All of that is particularly disappointing given the fact that Seferian-Jenkins appeared to get back on the right track this preseason. A DUI charge might be hard to swallow given his continued lackluster production.