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NFL Week 3 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

After a rough week 2, DLT looks to rebound.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Week 2 sucked. Not only for our beloved Bucs but for yours truly as well.

I basically spit the bed last week, going 9-7 in my picks (2-2 in my upset specials). The one I wanted to NOT get right, the Bucs-Cards game, I got right...bigger than expected.

But anyway, enough griping. We have games to pick. (My condolences to the dude who said he was going to Vegas on last week's picks. Hope you enjoy living in a box).

And that brings me to my public service announcement. I do this for the pure fun of it. I don't exactly put in hours of research or look at analytics. I just kinda go with my gut and common sense. Sometimes that works out great. Other times, we have Week 2.

What I'm trying to say is...don't bet on my picks - PLEASE. I don't need that kind of guilt in my life and you don't need to be like Vegas guy and living outside a Vegas strip club (or whatever).

Last Week: 9-7  56%    Upset Specials: 2-2 50%

Season: 20-12 62%      Upset Specials: 3-3 50%

Thursday Night

Upset Special #1 Texans 20, Patriots 17 - I know Bill Belichick is a magician...but with his third string QB?


Cardinals 30, Bills 13 - Rex Ryan says Arizona is exactly what the Bills need. Who knew they needed an ass kicking? I guess Rex did.

Titans 30, Raiders 27 - Oakland is the New Orleans of the West.

Dolphins 23, Browns 13 - No truth to the rumor someone named Favre called the Browns recently.

Upset Special #2 Jaguars 23, Ravens 20 - It's must win time for the Jags.

Packers 30, Lions 24 - The Lions in Green Bay. Yep. R-E-L-A-X. Hey Rodgers!

Bengals 17, Broncos 13 - Its the regular season, not January.

Panthers 30, Vikings 17 - If AP still had a knee this might have been interesting.

Giants 23, Washington NFL Franchise 20 - I still still don't like that.

Buccaneers 20, Rams 12 - Four! Four Field goals for the Scams, ah, ah, ah.

Seahawks 20, 49ers 13 - Surely the Seahags can't lose at home to San Fran can they?

Chiefs 24, Jets 16 - Arrowhead a tough place to play for the best of teams (and the Jets aren't).

Colts 30, Chargers 24 - Surely the Colts have to win at some point, right? Maybe they need more of Luck's neckbeard.

Steelers 26, Eagles 13 - Yeah, okay, Carson Wentz. You did okay..but it was the Browns and the Bears. Do it against Pittsburgh.

Sunday Night

Cowboys 23, Bears 13 - Really, we have to endure the Bears on National TV AGAIN? Even their own fans don't want to watch this game. Why should we?

Monday Night

Saints 30, Falcons 20 - The Mercedes Benz SuperDome, not the Mercedes Benz Stadium, Falcons. Sorry.  I know, its confusing to us, too.