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The Buccaneers are amazing at getting blown out

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense hasn’t been consistently bad since 2011, but it has certainly had a lot of moments of amazing badness — often helped by a few turnover-prone quarterbacks. Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times figured out one interesting statistic: the Bucs have given up the most 40+-points games since 2011. ugly as anything, especially because the closest team at least scores a lot of points itself. Meanwhile, the Bucs have topped 40 points just three times since 2011: once in 2012, once in 2013, and once in 2015. At least they won all three of those games.

In fact, since 1976, the Bucs have given up 40+ points a whopping 34 times, which is ranked sixth in the NFL over that period. That’s just as many as the Detroit Lions, and only four fewer than the league-leading Atlanta Falcons (hah!).

Unsurprisingly, those 34 games were all losses. They’re also indicative of a consistent problem the Bucs have faced: they tend to buckle against good teams. That’s no surprise for a team that hasn’t actually been good, but the Bucs keep showing promise.

The Bucs can beat some bad teams. They haven’t been able to beat good teams since 2010, though. That needs to change if the Bucs want to amount to anything. They’ll have two chances to do so in the next three weeks: against the Denver Broncos in week four, and the Carolina Panthers in week five.

Let’s hope they don’t get slaughtered again.