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Watch Jaron Brown embarrass Chris Conte

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are down 24-0 against the Arizona Cardinals at the half. That’s pretty bad. Part of that is bad defense, part of it is three turnovers on offense, part of it is not scoring. You know, an all-around breakdown, as we’ve been used to in Tampa.

This play beats them all, though. There are 26 seconds left. The opponent is at midfield. You’re down 17-0. All you need to do is slow them down a little and you’ll be fine. And the one thing you can’t do is get beat deep.

Enter: Chris Conte.

This Chris Conte.

That’s just bad safety play. Sure, Jaron Brown is fast and Carson Palmer throws a nice ball, but you cannot let this happen as a deep safety. It is embarrassing.

Look, Conte isn’t a great safety. We know that. The Bucs decided to re-sign him this offseason mostly because they couldn’t figure out who else they were going to start back there. He makes a few tackles every game, he generally does his job, but he’s not going to be a difference maker.

Sometimes, though, he is a difference maker — in the worst kind of way. That’s this game. He’s given up two touchdowns, and this one was even worse than the already bad first touchdown.

The worst part of this is that we’ll see this Conte show up sporadically throughout the season, and he won’t be replaced. The Bucs just don’t have a better player to start at that position. Keith Tandy is too limited, and Ryan Smith is a fourth-round rookie from a small school. Conte is what the Bucs have to go with.

Woe is the Bucs.