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Buccaneers down 24-0 after three ugly turnovers

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are down 10-0 after one half of football against the Arizona Cardinals, mostly thanks to three ugly turnovers.

All three of those turnovers came off Jameis Winston’s hands. First, Winston misplaced a deep ball to Mike Evans, giving Patrick Peterson a fairly easy interception.

Then, the Bucs quarterback placed a ball just behind Vincent Jackson, who never turned his head. The result: an easy interception for Marcus Cooper. Vincent Jackson has looked like a ghost of his old self so far this season, repeatedly running a different route than Jameis Winston is expecting, and basically being a non-factor on offense.

The third turnover was the silliest, though. With the Bucs threatening to score, Jameis Winston dropped back, pulled the ball back to throw — and Charles Sims stepped up and knocked it out of his hands, on what was yet another miscue on offense. Easy fumble recovery for the Cardinals.

It doesn’t help that the defense has struggled to keep up. Brent Grimes h as looked downright outmatched by Larry Fitzgerald, while the Bucs’ safeties have been relentlessly exploited. A 51-yard touchdown over Chris Conte with seconds remaining in the first half was particularly embarrassing.

Making matters worse was a slew of injuries. Doug Martin was forced to leave the game with a hamstring strain. Luke Stocker had to leave with an ankle injury. Both players are highly unlikely to return to this game.

Then Robert Ayers and Vernon Hargreaves both left with various injuries as well. While their status hasn’t been announced, that has at least temporarily depleted the Bucs defense. We’ll see whether they can come back later in the game.

This is a cold shower for a team that was coming off an exhilarating week one win. But the game isn’t over yet, and there’s one half of football left to play before we give up on this matchup.