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The Buccaneers haven't started 2-0 since 2010

J. Meric/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the sole lead the NFC South for the first time since the final week of the 2007 season, though that's not a terribly impressive accomplishment after one week of football. The 1-0 start on the road against a division rival was impressive, but still -- it's just one game

Tomorrow, the Bucs can make that two games. And that would make it the first time since 2010 the team started a season going 2-0. In 2010, that start resulted in a 10-6 season and a finish just barely out of the playoffs, disappointingly.

Prior to 2010, the Bucs hadn't started 2-0 since 2005, a playoff season. The Bucs also started 2-0 in playoff seasons 2000, 1997, 1980 and 1979, though they also started 1993 with a 2-0 record before finishing the season well out of the playoffs with just five total wins.

So a 2-0 start wouldn't be entirely unique, and wouldn't necessarily mean this will be a playoff season. It would be a first in one way, though: the Bucs have never started a season with two wins. Now that would be quite an accomplishment.