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Gerald McCoy was just fined $12,154 for his sack dance

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what's not allowed in the NFL these days? Dancing after sacks.

Gerald McCoy was just fined $12,154 for dancing (in a pretty restrained fashion) with a teammate after a sack on Sunday, according to Greg Auman. The dance had already cost the team a 15-yard penalty and prevented a defensive stop, though they at least won the game in the end.

McCoy responded by conspicuously high-fiving a defensive lineman later in the game, so as not to trigger a second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

I will never understand why the NFL feels the need to micromanage celebrations, especially generic sack dances, just because they're (perceived to be) coordinated. Or take too long. Or involve the ball as a prop. Or involve going to the ground. Or whatever they come up with next.

I like players celebrating big plays. They just made a big play! Let them be excited! But nope, Absurd fines it is, instead.