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NFL 2016 Week 2 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

Week One is in the Books...what's in store for week 2?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

For 16 NFL teams, they have the euphoria of a week one victory and all think they are going to the playoffs. For the other 16 teams, the sky is falling and don't know if they'll win a game this year.

So is the overreaction to week one. We try as we might to remain calm but its extremely difficult, isn't it? The Bucs played great Sunday. They really did. But Tennessee played great in Week One last year and went on to lose double digits. Seattle started 0-2 and made the playoffs.

I'm also trying not to overreact to my 11-5 week of picks. Not a great start for me, but hey, it's just week one and that's one of the toughest weeks to pick games. I've had worse starts to a season and did okay and I've had better starts and hosed the bed the rest of the year.

In any event - let's see what Week 2 of the National Football League has for us.

Last Week: 11-5  68%  Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 11-5 68%         Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Thursday Night

Bills 20, Jets 13 - It's the rematch of the color blind bowl. Apparently the Jets are doing everyone a favor and going white this year. Yeah, that'll be better.


Panthers 30, 49ers 10 - Yeah, about that defense, San Fran. These aren't the Scams.

Upset Special - Cowboys 23, Washington NFL Franchise 10 - I still don't like that.

Upset Special #2 - Bengals 23, Steelers 20 - It's not a playoff game.

Giants 40, Saints 35 - At least Saints games are fun to watch (if you like the Arena league).

Patriots 16, Dolphins 13 - Even a depleted Pats team still owns the Fins.

Texans 20, Chiefs 17 - Tough game to pick this early in the year. I'll go with the home team and American history.

Lions 23, Titans 16 - Detroit a surprising 2-0? Yep.

Ravens 20, Browns 10 - RG3 and out.

Seahawks 20, Rams 0 - The Scams return to LA! And LA asks about the return policy!

Cardinals 30, Buccaneers 24 - Sorry Bucs fans, Tampa Bay's first place stay ends after week one.

Chargers 23, Jaguars 20 - And Gus Bradley's backside gets a bit more heat.

Raiders 34, Falcons 20 - Falcons continue their tumble to the bottom of the NFC South.

Upset Special #3 Colts 20, Broncos 17 - I am not a believer in Trevor Simiean yet. Yet.

Sunday Night

Packers 24, Vikings 17 - Nice new stadium, but its the Pack that regain supremacy in the NFC North.

Monday Night

Upset Special #4 - Eagles 23, Bears 16 - Because, oh I don't know. Who cares?