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NFL Odds: Buccaneers twice as likely to win Super Bowl

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Tampa Bay Celebrates Super Bowl Victory

After beating the Atlanta Falcons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are suddenly twice as likely to win the Super Bowl. Whereas Bovada had them at 100/1 odds to win the Super Bowl last week, now they’re 50/1 underdogs. Still not exactly a big chance, but certainly a big jump.

Similarly, Jameis Winston’s odds of being named league MVP jumped from 100/1 to 20/1, while the Bucs’ division winner odds went from 13/2 to 13/4 — it helps that the Carolina Panthers lost their first game, of course.

That fits with the movement we’ve seen in this week’s power rankings. The Bucs jumped from number 29 to number 23 in SB Nation’s rankings, and that was one of the lower rankings in the group.

See, for instance, Elliot Harrison of, who now ranks the Bucs at number 13 after ranking them at 15 last week. He’s not that much more optimistic than most others: Fox Sports ranks them 14th, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports went with number 23 as the eternal pessimist, but Pro Football Talk ranked them 15th, ESPN 14th, Sports Illustrated 13th and USA Today 14th.

People are starting to believe in the Bucs again, and it’s been a while since that happened. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts. A win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday would really help in that whole belief lasting long enough for some enjoyment.