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Austin Seferian-Jenkins is fighting back in Buccaneers training camp

Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Cliff McBride/Getty Images

Austin Seferian-Jenkins was dropped to the second team last week with Cameron Brate taking over as the starter. That hasn’t changed yet — but it’s obvious that Seferian-Jenkins is getting back into the swing of things, as the former second-round pick is starting to make some big plays every day.

Seferian-Jenkins has struggled to be consistently productive since entering the league in 2014, in part due to injuries. When on the field he’s flashed his talent and athletic ability, but he hasn’t been the game-breaking weapon the Bucs hoped he’d be. It seems that his demotion to second string tight end may have lit a fire, though.

Cameron Brate continues to run with the first team, though, and while he’s more limited, he’s also more consistent than Seferian-Jenkins. As long as Seferian-Jenkins isn’t consistently producing big plays, we can expect that to continue. It’ll take more than a few plays for ASJ to get back his starting spot.