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Buccaneers training camp 2016: Hargreaves with first team, Seferian-Jenkins rebounds

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the overcast skies, there were quite a few Buccaneer players who shined this morning over at One Buc Place.

The Big News

The big news of the day occurred early on when first round pick Vernon Hargreaves III trotted out as the nickel corner on the first team. Before today, Hargreaves had primarily been working his way around the second team, mainly playing the nickel position.

VH3 moving up meant Jude Adjei-Barimah was "demoted" to the second team, but I put demoted in quotations because he still saw first team reps at nickel throughout the practice. Hargreaves starting the practice on the first team for the two minute drill is encouraging for those who hope he will see the starting role by Week 1, and it also confirms that he is one of the top three corners.

From what I noticed in the two minute drill, as well as other scrimmage drills he was on the first team for, he faired well. Most of what he did was in zone coverage.

No practice tomorrow, but I think we'll see more and more of Hargreaves practicing with the starters as we get closer to the first preseason game. However, even Hargreaves himself has said it's not about playing with the first or second team. Right now he just needs the reps, wherever it comes.

I agree.

The Curious Case of ASJ

Two days ago, Austin Seferian-Jenkins stockholders seemed to be abandoning ship -- and for good reason. The team has five or six tight ends on the roster right now, which obviously are all not going to be kept. Plus ASJ previously being in the doghouse with coaches is something that is well documented. Even this morning, the order of players running the tight ends were: Brate first (always with Jameis), then Stocker, then Myers, then Vitale, then the fullbacks with Seferian-Jenkins near the end of the line.

However, during the red zone drill this morning the light began to shine again.

Though Brate got the first team reps, Seferian-Jenkins received almost all of the second team reps. He had quite a few targets, one of which included a catch that reminded Bucs fans why they can't give up on him.

Then, one play later, Glennon went to ASJ again for the touchdown.

He's not dead yet. The sags continues.

Secondary Swag

Hargreaves wasn't the only member of the secondary making headlines this morning.

Starting safety Chris Conte has been solid during this first week of camp. You can tell defensive coordinator Mike Smith is telling his guys to be aggressive to the ball, and Conte like the confidence.

Here was Conte stepping up in zone and cutting a post route for an INT.

He and fellow safety Bradley McDougald haven't shown many errors thus far -- though, to be fair, they haven't been challenged as the offense is staying simple.

Another secondary player who made a few splash plays was former FSU CB Javien Elliott.

I wouldn't say Elliott has a safe spot on the roster, but he's closer to that cut line than others. As a former walk on at FSU, he's a worker, and they're giving him every chance to be one of the last guys to make the roster.

From the Stands

Today's episode of "From the Stands" is brought to you by fan-favorite, Kenny Bell.

While signing autographs, a freelance camera man came up to Bell and asked if he would sign his camera.

Bell laughed, and was even nervous signing such an expensive piece of equipment. But, hey, you gotta give the fans what they want, right?

And as an extra bonus, we go to the man who had the most attention after practice. No it wasn't Vincent Jackson, or Gerald McCoy, or even Jameis Winston.

It was Roberto Aguayo.

His crowd was about 5 rows deep and he even had NFL Films following him around.

Kickers getting the Hollywood treatment. Follow your dreams, kids.