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Jameis Winston names the three things he has to improve

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network was at Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp today and produced a whole lot of video content, which you can watch over at The most interesting interview may be the one with Jameis Winston, who talked extensively about the three things he has to improve on.

1. Pocket presence. Specifically, the ability to make small adjustment and not “take too much” in the pocket. The Bucs apparently do a lot of drills, but this is more about developing a feel — that comes with experience.

2. Reducing turnovers, especially interceptions. Winston mostly talked about processing information quickly to reduce that.

3. Improving the deep ball. “I had a problem last year where I took too many hitches,” Winston said. “Coach Koetter is always talking to me about no more than two hitches.”

Basically, he waited a little too long before releasing the ball, which throws off the timing of the deep ball. That was fairly obvious when he missed.

There’s a lot more in that interview, including notes about leadership, trying to get others to be better and visualizing success. And then there’s the bit where NFL Network tried to get a “Jameis” chant going, and he instead wanted a “Tampa Bay” chant.