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Jameis Winston and Mike Evans, break out candidates

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is right around the corner, which means fantasy football is too. And here's what every fantasy football player is looking for: sneaky, breakout players who can be had for cheap. Chris Trapasso of Buffalo Rumblings knows this, which is why he put together a little guide to players who are ready to break out -- and it features two Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston and Mike Evans.

Winston is a prototypical NFL passer — he’s a big pocket passer with a huge arm, and doesn’t struggle with accuracy nor allow picks to impact him. Like Bridgewater, he’s a sneaky good runner too.

With known down-field passing enthusiast Dirk Koetter at the helm, last year’s No. 1 overall pick is operating more of a vertical offense than the majority of the NFL, so his completion percentage won’t lead the league. However, with Mike Evans entering his third season and the Buccaneers’ widespread continuity, Winston will flourish in his sophomore campaign.

Trapasso calls Evans a "matchup nightmare" who shouldn't have too many drop issues this season, given (among other things) his massive hands. Of course, I'd imagine that coming off a 1,200+-yard season doesn't leave a whole lot of room to break out even further, but he could become more consistent and should add a bunch of touchdowns to his repertoire: he had thirteen as a rookie, and just three last season.

The key for both players will be, well, each other. Winston can't dominate without a dominant Evans, and Evans can't dominate without quality passes from Winston. So far, mostly good. Winston has been a little inconsistent this preseason, but Evans has caught every catchable ball thrown his way, including a beauty of a touchdown in the red zone last year. Evans also managed to get behind the defense at least once, though Winston missed on the deep throw.

Basically, both Evans and Winston are great candidates as breakout players, and likely undervalued in your fantasy football draft. Pick them up, rely on Winston's improvement and Evans fixing is dropsies, and reap the rewards.

If you want to play fantasy football with your fellow Bucs fans, create a fantasy football league with Yahoo! here, and post the league details in the comments!