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Watch Jameis Winston's beautiful touchdown throw to Mike Evans

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked terrible in the first quarter, with Jameis Winston failing to complete a single pass. They seemed determined to change that, judging by the fact that a few minutes into the second quarter, this happened.

As soon as Winston got to the second quarter, he turned it on. Winston completed three of four passes for 28 yards, and his one incompletion hit Cameron Brate right in the hands in the end zone -- the second time that happened in the game, and the second time Brate failed to come down with the ball. Two plays later, Winston found Mike Evans for that beautiful touchdown throw.

Hopefully, that touchdown is a sign of things to come. Winston and Evans struggled to connect last year, though they still managed to produce over 1,200 receiving yards, and Evans was rarely the red zone weapon the Bucs hoped he'd be. That was a major reason the Bucs were far less productive in terms of points than they were in terms of yards. If they want to be a competitive team this year, they simply need to score more. And if they can produce plays like that, they should be good in taht department.