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Jaguars defenders praise Jameis Winston after joint practices

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held some joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. One interesting consequence is that Jacksonville got a really good and extended look at Jameis Winston, something they won't get as much on Saturday night in the actual preseason game. And the Jaguars came away impressed.

"It's a real good test," linebacker Ryan Davis told "Because he does a real good job of getting the ball out of his hands quick and he does a good job of looking off the defense and knowing where his guys are. It was pretty good to get some work against him."

Davis does a good job summarizing some of Winston's strengths. His ability to manipulate a defense and throw in timing with receiver's routes is pretty special for someone with his experience. Veteran linebacker Paul Posluszny and safety Jonathan Cyprien had some very complimentary things to say as well, with the former noting that Winston is on his way to being an "elite quarterback."

Of course, players aren't about to go "this dude is awful" about really anyone, except those they really don't like. And even then, most will simply say nothing. But these quotes are still pretty impressive, especially given the fact that these guys have played against Winston all of once. He's made a strong impression on players around the league, and it'll be interesting to see whether that continues this year, and the rest of his career.