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Fantasy Football 2016: Three underrated Buccaneers to target

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Football is around the corner,

So let's go over a few underrated Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I'm basing these rankings on the SB Nation fantasy rankings, so blame them!

RB Doug Martin

Look, he's ranked number eighteen after having the second-most rushing yardage in the NFL last year. Why? Because of a lack of touchdowns. There's no real reason to assume that will happen again this year, though -- and Martin looks like 2015 Martin, and not the 2013-14 version that couldn't rush his way out of a tool shed. He should be one of the top backs on the list, especially so because the team will once again have a run-heavy offense. For some reason he isn't. I don't know why. Go draft him!

QB Jameis Winston

Number 133 for a quarterback who was a pretty useful fantasy player last year. Nope. Not good enough. Winston should take a few steps forward this year, have a healthier receiving corps and, most importantly more touchdowns. The Bucs offense stunk in the red zone last season. It was dreadful. That's been a major focal point for the team this offseason, and they should simply be better. Winston won't be a top-notch quarterback, but he still has pretty high upside and a low ceiling.

Buccaneers defense

Okay so, it's a defense, and those don't generally count for much. But the Bucs should have a much better defense this year, at least in fantasy. They were terrible in terms of points given up, barely produced any turnovers and didn't have too many sacks. Again: focal points this offseason, with a new coaching staff and a fair number of new players. Draft them with your final pick, and you may have a pretty high-upside group. One downside: a murderous schedule.

Join the Fantasy Football fun by creating your own league here, and inviting Bucs fans in the comments!