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Watch Doug Martin run over, around and through everything

Doug Martin had one heck of a season last year. He ran for 1,402 yards and six touchdowns on 288 carries, added 33 catches for 271 yards and another touchdown. And really, I feel like we haven’t celebrated that quite enough. He was the second-most productive back in the NFL last year, has now had two of the best running back seasons in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history, and got a new contract.

So, here’s a Doug Martin highlight video, courtesy of Buc It Productions. Enjoy!

I don’t know if Martin will be able to replicate his 2015 season — past history suggests it’s 50/50 — but this sure gets me pumped up for this season. More of the Dougernaut running through, over and around everything, please — and especially his surprisingly effective, mini stiff-arms.