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Buccaneers breakdown: Did Tampa Bay improve their coaching staff?

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We went through the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster, position by position, but there’s one more thing left: the Bucs’ coaching staff.

2015 coaching staff: Lovie Smith, Dirk Koetter (OC), Leslie Frazier (DC), Mike Bajakian (QBs), Tim Spencer (RBs), Andrew Hayes-Stoker (WRs), Jon Embree (TEs), George Warhop (OL), Butch Barry (Assistant OL), Ben Steele (Offensive Quality Control), Joe Cullen (DL), Paul Spicer (Assistant DL), Hardy Nickerson (LB), Larry Marmie (CBs), Gill Byrd (CBs), Mikal Smith (Ss), Dave Borgonzi (Defensive Quality Control), Kevin O’Dea (ST), Carlos Polk (Assistant ST)

2016 coaching staff: Dirk Koetter, Todd Monken (OC/WRs), Mike Smith (DC), Mike Bajakian (QBs), Tim Spencer (RBs), Jon Embree (TEs), George Warhop (OL/run game), Butch Barry (Assistant OL), Ben Steele (Offensive Quality Control), Andrew Weidinger (Assistant WRs/Game management), Jay Hayes (DL), Mark Duffner (LBs), Jon Hoke (Secondary), Brett Maxie (DBs), Paul Spicer (Assistant DL), Nate Kaczor (ST), Carlos Polk (Assistant ST)

The Bucs made one big, honking move in the coaching staff this offseason: they fired Lovie Smith and promoted Dirk Koetter to the position of head coach. That was entirely justifiable, as basically any head coaching firing is, if fairly controversial and a little unexpected. That move had an obvious knock-on effect: Koetter said goodbye to basically the entire defensive coaching staff, and brought in his long-time co-worker Mike Smith to run the defense — and Smith then brought in his own staff as well.

The offensive coaching staff was left mostly intact, but there was one big move there: Todd Monken was brought in as the offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach, replacing Andrew Hayes-Stoker. Monken has a lot of experience in college as a head coach and is a particularly impressive get for Koetter.

As for Mike Smith’s coaching staff, he mostly stuck with people he already knew. The biggest name is Jay Hayes, who has had a lot of success running the Cincinnati Bengals defensive line for thirteen years. Every new coach has a lot of experience and a successful track record, which is obviously a positive, but also means there’s not a lot of youth around One Buc Place’s coaching offices. At least this group isn’t giving their inexperienced sons position coach jobs.

The most ‘meh’ move came at special teams. The Bucs replaced one special teams coach with a terrible track record with another one with a terrible track record. So much for quick improvement there.

Overall, though, I’d bet that this coaching staff is better than last year’s. It is, at minimum, a lot more experienced.