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The most underrated Buccaneers players

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

After listing his most overrated players for every NFL team, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco moved on to a most underrated list of players. Because everybody loves lists. For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Prisco went with newly signed defensive end Robert Ayers.

They signed him as a free agent from the Giants to help amp up their pass rush. Ayers doesn't have the speed to be a blow-by-the-tackle pass rusher, but he can pressure the quarterback. He does a better job rushing inside in the nickel than he does on the outside. He's a nice veteran addition to their roster.

That’s an interesting choice. I would sooner have put him on the overrated list, given his age, short history of productive play, and just a general sense of pessimism around any free agents the Bucs manage to sign what with, well, most of them being pretty bad.

Ayers was a bit of an under-the-radar signing, though. He certainly wasn’t on anyone’s Best Available Free Agent list, and he wasn’t as highly sought after (or as highly paid) as most other pass rushers that hit the market. But Ayers should provide some much-needed if somewhat short-term help for Tampa Bay’s defense. While his history of production is short, it is at least recent and spans multiple seasons. There’s a sense that his recent production is a result of renewed dedication, and hopefully that’ll carry over to his tenure with the Bucs.

While I wouldn’t have picked Ayers as the most underrated player on the team, I sure would love for that to be the case. Because that would mean Ayers is actually a very good pass rusher, and everyone knows the Bucs could use one of those.