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The most overrated players on the Buccaneers roster

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Lists here, lists there, lists everywhere. CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco listed one overrated player for every NFL team, and he chose tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You see the talent, and you drool. So where's the production? If this kid ever gets focused, he has a chance to be a talented, pass-catching tight end. He had 21 catches last season, but he averaged 16.1 yards on those catches, which is telling in terms of his ability. He got sent out of practice during OTAs by coach Dirk Koetter, which might be a wakeup call.

This is a bit of a weird choice. Usually, players need to be rated before they can be overrated. At this point, Seferian-Jenkins is at most a draft pick who still has potential, but has been limited by injury. At worst, he’s just an overall disappointment. In no way is either of those qualifications overrating him — all his

If you want to look at an overrated Bucs player, I’d probably go for Mike Glennon, who’s at most a low-end starter but is widely seen as more than that. The fact that the Bucs weren’t able to find a trade partner for Glennon this offseason shows that NFL teams don’t quite see a savior in him, either. I might also point to Cameron Brate and Adam Humphries, two athletically limited players who put up mediocre numbers last year, but at least managed to consistently catch a football, and yet some seem to see them as major parts of the team’s future offense.

Seferian-Jenkins, though, he seems to be fairly rated by almost everyone. No one’s calling him a future star right now. At most, someone who could surprise.