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Get a virtual tour of the Buccaneers’ renovated stadium

Stadium Aerial View

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been busy renovating Raymond James Stadium this offseason, most notably placing some gigantic new video boards all over the stadium. To promote the upgrades and the supposed new stadium experience, the Bucs launched a New Bucs Game Day website, which includes a virtual tour and a whole bunch of information.

I have to admit, the new stadium looks spiffy as anything. The Bucs aren’t just hoping that this will be better for the fans, though. The upgrades are here for this season’s college football national championship game, and they should help the area attract another Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay area has been chasing one of those for years, and they keep losing out to newer and more recently upgraded stadiums.

So, go check out the website and see what the team’s new stadium experience is like. Hopefully, Bucs fans will get really familiar with wins in that new setting.