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Don’t expect anyone to pick 2016’s supplemental draft players

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL supplemental draft happens today. If you’re into that type of thing. Or even if you’re not, the NFL doesn’t really care about your individual wants and needs.

The supplemental draft works through a weird lottery system. The draft goes through seven rounds, with teams indicating whether they want to give up their corresponding 2017 NFL draft pick for a specific player in each round. If multiple teams want to give up a pick, the winner is determined by who is in the highest tier, with the first tier consisting of teams with six or fewer 2015 wins, the second tier of teams with seven or more wins without a playoff appearance, and the third of playoff teams. If multiple teams in the same tier bid in the same round, a weighted lottery based on 2015 record determines the winner.

Got it? No? Doesn’t matter: it’s almost certain that no one will bid on a supplemental draft player. The most intriguing player is Ra’Zahn Howard of Purdue, and he’s a somewhat limited, huge, run-stuffing nose tackle. Players like that used to be popular, but they’re two- or even one-down players in today’s NFL and teams increasingly want more disruptive players instead. Other than him, 6’5” receiver Rashaun Simonise might draw some interest, but he’s not any better than many big, athletic, undrafted receivers that were available to be signed right after the draft.

Of course, someone will still sign these players even if they’re not drafted, so it might be worth keeping an eye on that over the next couple of days. Simonise might be intriguing for the Bucs. Howard not so much.

Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft has some more info on the supplemental draft players, if you need it.