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NFL Trade Rumors: Mike Glennon to Cowboys rumors surface again

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade rumors around Mike Glennon seem to be a never-ending deal. The latest: Luke Rodgers of 24/7 Sports reports that the Dallas Cowboys have a standing offer for Mike Glennon, consisting of two third-round picks, and that the Arizona Cardinals tried to trade a second-round pick for Glennon before the draft.

According to 247Sports insider Luke Rodgers, the Cowboys have a standing offer on the table for Glennon if the Buccaneers decide to trade him. Rodgers' source informed him that the Cowboys attempted to trade for Glennon on draft day with the Bucs looking into their 2016 third-round pick and 2017 third-round pick.

The Arizona Cardinals also recently attempted to land Glennon, per Rodgers. The NFC West team tried to sling a second-round pick for the quarterback before the start of the draft.

According to Justin Pawlowski of, who covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that report is categorically false. That fits a simple analysis, too: if the Bucs could have received a second or two third-round picks for Glennon, they almost certainly would have jumped at the chance. The backup quarterback's only shot of getting on the field this year is an unlikely injury to Jameis Winston, while he's set to be a free agent next year. Getting significant draft capital in exchange for Glennon would be a coup, especially considering the fact that the Bucs have his replacement already on the roster: they carried Ryan Griffin on the 53-man roster all of last season for that purpose.

Moreover, the Cowboys, the Cardinals, and basically every team that could have used a quarterback, drafted one this year. The odds of the Bucs actually finding a trade partner for Glennon at this point seem minuscule, unless a catastrophic injury strikes somewhere. Preferably well before the season starts, so Glennon would have some time to acclimate. Otherwise, he's almost certainly here to stay for the year.