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Vote for the Buccaneers games the NFL should put on YouTube

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

We talked about the NFL's new initiative to put three of every NFL team's historical games on YouTube, and now we're here: the NFL is asking people to vote for the games they want to see. You can vote on the NFL's Facebook page, with the poll embedded below.

Obviously, the NFC Championship win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2002 season will be at the top of people's lists. But the most striking decision here was to leave off the 1999 NFC championship game against the St. Louis Rams -- a game the Bucs lost, but still one that lives on in the fanbase's memory because of the incredibly stifling effort by Tampa Bay's defense, and the controversial non-catch that ended the team's chances of getting to that Super Bowl.

To me, the most intriguing game on this list would be the 1977 win over the New Orleans Saints. I just love old games, and the more chances people have of watching the great Lee Roy Selmon in action, the better. But the other games are fascinating, too. Let us know who you voted for.