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Daily Bucs Links: Vitale's potential

Here's your open thread for today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Retirement Marshawn is the best Marshawn - Field Gulls
He says what he wants to say.

The Cowboys are doing things differently with Ezekiel Elliott -
Well, kind of.

"Speedy Reedy" a Player to Watch at Camp
Is Bernard Reedy the slot receiver the Buccaneers have been looking for?

Which Bucs Game to Circle on Your Calendar?
The "NFL HQ" crew talks about which game on the Buccaneers schedule is the most anticipated.

Flashback: Bucs' Championship Parade
Pictures from the Buccaneers' championship parade in 2002.

Alstott Sees Passion, Work Ethic in Vitale
Ring of Honor member Mike Alstott believes rookie and fellow Chicagoan Dan Vitale will be a success as a Buccaneer, too, because he's already got half the battle

SR's Fab 5 Reaction – 6-21 | Pewter Report's Scott Reynolds responds to Bucs fans' comments and discusses Dirk Koetter and the Buccaneers in this edition of SR's Fab 5 Reaction.

NFC South Q&A: How is Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton viewed? - Carolina Panthers Blog- ESPN
Carolina's Cam Newton draws attention on and off the field. Some find him exciting, some aggravating, but overall he has the respect of the NFC South.

Athletes, domestic violence and the hurdle of indifference in the wake of the OJ Simpson trial
We must care about the victims of domestic violence as much as we care about the athletes accused or convicted of it, or we'll never progress from the O.J. Simpson case, Jessica Luther writes