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NFL allows more experienced players on practice squad

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has reached an agreement with the NFLPA to keep practice squads at ten players, and allow four players per practice squad to have two accrued seasons, making it easier for teams to give experienced but marginal players a place in the NFL. Previously, only two players with two accrued seasons were allowed to be on a practice squad.

The NFL has been expanding the practice squad in recent years, going from seven to ten players in 2014, which has now been extended for another two seasons — because why not, really. Everyone loves practice squad players. In practice, though, I’m not sure the impact is that large. The practice squad is basically one giant revolving door anyway. A full one, but still a revolving door. Most of the good players get picked up for a regular season roster somewhere during the year, while most of the bad ones get cut cut after a few weeks. After all, we’re talking about players who aren’t good enough to make a 53-man roster.