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Pictures: the Buccaneers' new video boards are massive

Raymond James Stadium has been undergoing renovations for months now, most notably to its videoboards. It took a while to take down the old and heavily out-of-date videoboards, but that’s done — and the workers have begun installing the new videoboards. Spoiler: they're huge.

The corner towers have also been cleared, as there will be new video boards there as well.

Seriously, these video boards are massive, especially compared to the tiny, grainy, late ‘90s boards the Bucs had up there before. There will be a 9,600 square feet video board in each end zone, and a 2,304 square feet video board in each corner, for a total of 28,416 square feet of video board surface area in the stadium. That’s more than all but two stadiums in the NFL.

Finally, fans will be able to actually see what just happened in replay, instead of squinting at some grainy, barely discernible video.