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Watch: Doug Martin is back on the NFL Top 100

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got their third and likely final player on NFL Network's list of the Top 100 Players of 2015. Running back Doug Martin came in at number 33, after two years of absence. Gerald McCoy (63) and Lavonte David (53) joined the list earlier this month.

The Bucs have a few players who could have made the top 100 but almost certainly didn’t. Mike Evans and Jameis Winston had a shot, as did the now-retired Logan Mankins, who had a pretty strong final season in the NFL. But three players on the top 100 isn't too bad for a team that went 6-10.

The actual clip wasn’t all that interesting this time. A lot of players calling Martin a tough, hard runner with good vision. And Gerald McCoy clowning him about getting taken down at the one-yard line after a long run. It’s always good to see a Bucs player get some attention, though.